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Panco Potential Seebeck Microprobe PSM-II

Potential Seebeck Microprobe

Panco PSM-II

Panco's PSM-II simultaneously measures the spatial resolution of the Seebeck-coefficient and the electric potential. The PSM measurement technique was developed by PANCO in cooperation with the German Aerospace Centre DLR. This second generation of PSM is improved with a bigger resolution of the linear stages and a broader measurement range, especially for the potential measurement.


  • Three axis micro positioning stage with controller unit
  • Joy stick control
  • Heatable measuring thermoprobe
  • Force contact detection system
  • Analogue multiplexer
  • Digital voltmeter
  • Lock-in amplifiers for accurate electrical measurement
  • Camera


  • Measurement of the homogeneity in material for thermoelectrics, superconductivity, fuel cells, electroceramics and semiconductors
  • Proving gradients in functionally graded material
  • Proving degradation effects
  • Drift of resistance in NTC/PTC
  • Losses of conductivity in solid electrolytes
  • Losses in electrical conductivity of cathodic materials
  • Decreasing of peak temperature in GMR; changes in resistivity
  • Quality control

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Panco Potential Seebeck Microprobe PSM-II

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