NanOsc FMR Spectrometers

NanOsc FMR Spectrometers

NanOsc FMR Spectrometers

The NanOsc Instruments line of broadband ferromagnetic resonance (FMR) spectrometers offer a simple turn-key solution to the burgeoning field of magnetodynamics research. Broadband FMR spectroscopy allows for measurements continuously spanning several 10's of GHz. Measurements over a wide frequency range allow for significant improvements in accurately extracting a variety of material parameters not accessible by static measurement techniques. Broadband FMR is particularly well-suited for studying magnetic thin films, which not only form the backbone of fundamental spintronics and magnonics research but are also constituents of current and future technologies focused on magnetic memories, sensors, logic, and microwave signal processing.

Key Features


Instrument Bandwidth* Temperature Range Magnetic Field
PhaseFMR-8 2-8 GHz Room Temperature User Supplied Voltage Controllable Power Supply/Electromagnet
PhaseFMR 2-18 GHz
PhaseFMR-40 2-40 GHz
CryoFMR-8 2-8 GHz 4-400 K: PPMS/DynaCool
55-400 K: VersaLab
4-400 K: MPMS 3
18-350 K: MI Cryostation
±9, 12, 14, 16 T: PPMS/DynaCool
±3 T: VersaLab
±7 T: MPMS 3
±0.7 T: MI Cryostation
CryoFMR 2-18 GHz
CryoFMR-40 2-40 GHz

*Frequency accuracy of 0.05 GHz. SNR better than 10 for 10 nm Ni80Fe20 @ 10 GHz


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