Montana Instruments Cryostation



The Montana Instruments Cryostation is a 3K to 350K stable optical platform distinguished by its low vibration, thermal stability, exceptional optical access, automation, and ease of use. The Cryostation consists of four major components: the thermally controlled sample chamber, a variable flow helium compressor, a system control unit, and a user interface computer. The unique patent pending design allows unparalleled sample stability. The flexible sample chamber has five large optical access ports, a large sample space, and 28 user electrical feedthroughs. Due to its simple operation and the remarkable price/performance ratio, researchers will find the Montana Instruments Cryostation the ideal tool for many applications.

Key Features:

Control Unit Automation

Fully automated pumpout, cooldown, temperature control at setpoint, active warmup, clean gas purge, system diagnostics and monitoring.

Variable Flow Helium Compressor Parameters

Variable flow allows faster cooldown, lower power consumption at temperature setpoint, and extended life. Very low power input during standby mode.

User Interface

Windows based software that enables both automatic and manual control of the system, including graphing of system temperatures. OLE Automation interface for total experiment control via LabView or other programming utility.

Additional Cryostation Configurations

  • Cryostation Magneto-Optic
  • Nanoscale Workstation
  • Cryostation Microscope
  • Spectroscopy

Now you can do low temperature optical research in a magnet field!

Cryostation Magneto Optic

Cryostation Magneto-Optic

We've taken the standard Cryostation, with all it's stability, and added a 1 Tesla magnetic field with incredible optical access and experiment flexibility. Optical access through the poles, high NA access from the sides, and low working distance access from the top make demanding magneto-optic applications simple to setup. Nano-positioning of the sample is possible inside the magnetic field to make this an even more powerful product!

The Magneto-Optic module inserts magnet poles into two of the optical ports. The pole spacing is adjustable down to 12mm. The magnet poles may have a bore through the core to allow laser illumination of the sample. This preserves optical access from all four sides, as well as the top. The field strength depends on the configuration used. System includes the power supply and water cooling for the magnet.

The Magneto-Optic module has the unique feature that the sample space and poles can be removed from the cryostat and the magnetic system operated without the cryocooler functions.

Here are a few features of this new product…

  • Use exchangeable pole tips for even higher fields, or for specific field requirements.
  • Integrated lens holder supports a small lens near the sample
  • Thin radiation windows between the sample and the poles keep the sample below 4 Kelvin
  • Easily remove magnets and window housing for great sample access during setup
  • Electromagnet may also be used as an independent stand-alone unit for room temperature measurements separate from the Cryostation
  • Active magnet cooling system is included, with temperature control and safety interlocks
  • Use with unipolar or bipolar power supplies

Nanoscale Workstation

Nanoscale Workstation

Nanoscale Workstation

Nanoscale Workstation

The Nanostation Workstation provides an entire cooled breadboard platform for configuring your experiment. Based on the low vibration architecture of the Cryostation, the system gives you room to think big.

A miniature breadboard at your fingertips

Imagine having the freedom to integrate a sample with multiple probes, nanopositioners, and free-space optics right onto the cold platform. In this way, the cold platform simply becomes an extension of the optical table.

Optical Access and base interfaces

Use any of the 7 radial and 1 overhead port for optical access to the experiment. Overhead optical access can be configured for low working distance imaging. The versatile and spacious design allows for multiple RF and DC electical, fiber optic and gas tube feedthroughs to be incorporated and thermally lagged for ease of use and high performance.


  • Integrate components on interchangeable cold breadboards
  • Low vibrations <15nm peak to peak
  • Temperature control 4.3k with 20mK stability
  • Breadboard with 12.5mm grid of mounting holes
  • 7 locations for thermal lagging to radiation shield
  • Compatible with window options and sample mounts
  • 195mm diameter x 71mm tall sample space
  • 8 optical access ports

Cryostation Microscope
Variable Temperature Imaging

Cryostation Microscope

Cryostation Microscope

Cryostation Microscope

Montana Instruments introduces a new tool for the cryogenic researcher. Focus on your sample at temperatures down to 3.5K with unparalleled accuracy. Drift is virtually eliminated using our patent pending design, including low drift during cooldown. Typical sample temperature is 3.5K.

Designed for confocal microscopy to eliminate drift. Sample translation and focus is accomplished with built in nonopositioners. The temperature of the high magnification objective and the sample are controlled to better than 0.01 degrees for undetectable drift levels. A backup power supply is provided to ensure performance.


  • White light imaging
  • High performance Zeiss optics
  • Drift-free high numerical aperature confocal microscopy of single molecules in a closed cycle helium cryostat
  • Great Sample Access
  • The Solution to Drift

NanOsc FMR Spectrometers

Quantum Design Singapore - Products - NanOsc FMR Spectrometers

The CryoFMR spectrometer is a plug and play system that allows broadband CPW-FMR characterization with lock-in capability. It includes its own RF frequency source as well as lock-in detection module, so that the only parts required to conduct an experiment are a computer for software control and a Montana Instruments Cryostation. Temperature range: 18 K to 350 K. Frequency Range 2 to 40 GHz.


NanOsc Broadband FMR Spectrometers Brochure

Cryostation Brochure