ICEoxford Ultra Low Temperature Cryostats

ICEoxford Ultra Low Temperature Cryostats

ICEoxford was founded in 2004 to design and manufacture specialist ultra low temperature (ULT) equipment for the cryogenic research community. Since then, the company has grown to become a leading supplier of custom design, high performance cryogenic systems to scientific and cryogenics research groups throughout the world. ICEoxford specializes in customized cryogenic systems for many different applications, such as Mossbauer, beamlines, spectroscopy, UHV, SPM, etc.


  • Eden Dry Dilution Refrigerator
  • Dry 1K Cryostat
  • Single Shot Dry 300mK System
  • Continuous Flow Dry 300mK System

ICEoxford Eden Dry Dilution Refrigerator

Cryogen Free "Eden" Dilution Refrigerator System (with optional Superconducting Magnet)

ICEoxford's Eden line of dilution refrigerators are cryogen free and readily customizable with options including superconducting magnets, experimental wiring, optical fibers, sample rotators, and various sample access ports.


  • Base temperature: <10mK
  • Cooling power: >200µW/>400µW at 100mK
  • Initial cool down to base temperature: 24 hours
  • Sample space: 300mm
  • Fully automatic gas handling system

Eden DR Data Sheet


ICEoxford Cryogen Free 1K Cryostat

Cryogen Free 1K Cryostat

ICEoxford's offers a range of cryogen-free, continuously operating, high cooling power cryostats.


  • 0.8K - 300K continuous operation
  • Up to 400mW @ 1K of cooling power
  • System cool down time of 12 hours
  • Cryocooler mechanically decoupled and electrically isolated from cryostat
  • Full range of integrated magnets
  • Choice of optical windows
  • Automated temperature and helium flow control using Labview® based software

Cryogen Free 1K Brochure


ICEoxford Cryogen Free, Single Shot 300mK Cryostat

Cryogen Free, Single Shot 300mK Cryostat

A compact cryogen-free 3He system, providing a sample space in vacuum, uses a closed cycle cooler with vibration eliminated by a bellows system. A 1K stage allows full condensation of the 3He charge which extends the hold time at a base temperature of <270mK to 70 hours, and gives a fast regeneration time.

Features and Additional Options

  • Base temperature: <270mK
  • Hold Time: 70 hours
  • Fast regeneration time
  • Further vibration isolation
  • Additional wiring
  • Coaxial cables
  • Wave guides
  • Line of sight ports
  • Optical windows

Single Shot 300mK Brochure


ICEoxford Cryogen Free, Continuous Flow 300mK Cryostat

Cryogen Free, Continuous Flow 300mK Cryostat

The DRY ICE 300mK is a cryogen-free 3He system that provides continuous operation from 300K down to 300mK.


  • 300mK to 300K continuous operation
  • 300µW - 500µW cooling power at 330mK
  • Closed Cycle operation
  • Compact Cryostat Design
  • Ultra low vibration
  • Sample space to suit customer requirement (300mm diameter as standard)
  • Up to 72 coax lines, DC and fiber optic wiring available

Continuous Flow 300mK Brochure